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What is The Need for Actionable Data on Diversity

2 Dec, 2021

by Team Included
What is The Need for Actionable Data on Diversity
In this brief video Q&A, Included Co-Founders Raghu Gollamudi and Laura Close discuss the fundamentals of Included and how it is leading DEI tech with the power of AI.

You’ll learn the answers to questions, such as:

  • What is Included?
  • What does Included do?
  • What is a favorite customer story?

Watch now to learn how Included utilizes tech to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion to improve businesses and recruitment processes.

Team Included

Included is the DEI People Analytics platform. We help Chief People Officers get their people strategy right by delivering the previously hidden equity gaps and guidance they need to build competitive strategy. The Team Included editorial team delivers thought leadership and helpful resources for DEI advocates.

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