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Case Study: Data Insights for New Talent Sources & Building An Inclusive Global Team

1 Mar, 2023

by Madeline Enos
Case Study: Data Insights for New Talent Sources & Building An Inclusive Global Team

How VP of Talent Acquisition at Amperity, Sean Celli, used Included as a “truth teller” to build inclusive hiring processes, track metrics, and diversify talent pipelines.

Meet Amperity

Amperity is the leading customer data platform (CDP) provider that helps companies put data to work to improve marketing performance, build long-term customer loyalty and drive revenue. Amperity is used by many of the world’s most beloved brands, such as Alaska Airlines, Endeavour Drinks, Kendra Scott, Lucky Brand, Planet Fitness, Seattle Sounders FC, Under Armour, and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

The Challenge

Sean is leading talent acquisition for a fast-growing startup that is going international. Amperity is deeply committed to DEI and has a great sense of responsibility to grow teams with diverse backgrounds, experiences & thoughts and build a robust platform that reflects the customer base.

Amperity was looking for people analytics insights to:
-Cultivate a diverse hiring funnel
-Create the most equitable hiring processes
-Find new talent pools to support high growth

As an athlete and marathon runner, Sean is familiar with the challenges of balancing the need for speed with sustainable practices to get desired outcomes:



A Solution With Included


DEI Data Transparency Shows the Truth About the Hiring Funnel:

Sean can better understand where candidates are coming to the organization or dropping off in the hiring funnel. Access to these insights enables TA to be a strategic partner for business leaders. Sean says that “it is incumbent upon me to sit down with the business and say, let’s understand where our drop-offs are so that we can understand why. We can look at the funnel and see the trend lines… I look at that often, and we bake that into our broader recruiting analytics so we understand the ecosystem. We look holistically at people data and see where we are winning and where we have opportunities. Tracking metrics like time to hire or offers made to candidates from under-represented groups keeps us honest. The insights have been really helpful to provide since point-in-time data is less meaningful; it’s just a snapshot.”

Intention + Action For An Equitable & Inclusive Employee Experience:

Sean and the team went beyond compliance and committed to excellence. They used research-backed tactics like diverse interview slates and interview panels to improve the candidate experience. Easy-to-access DEI metrics helped Sean ensure the review rates were equal for candidates since the top of the funnel tends to have majority identity candidates, and underrepresented talent can get skipped because of the sheer volume of applicants. Deeply invested in DEIB, Sean says, “We want to be a diverse organization because we want to represent the world. And we make commitments to our people that they can come work and belong here.”


Never Miss the Opportunity To Hire Top Talent:

Sean and the team believe that Amperity can build not just a better product with diverse backgrounds, experiences & thoughts, but better marketing, customer success,  sales motions and a better workplace. They’ve been leveraging Included to ensure they’re getting the most out of all the talent that has applied to work there.


Guidance To Keep DEI Top of Mind Every Day

Included’s Slack integration has helped Sean’s team stay focused on representation goals and find creative ways to use the platform.


What’s Next?

Sean and Amperity are continuing to hire a workforce that reflects their customer base and are going global:

To learn more about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Amperity, visit their website. Interested in seeing how technology can accelerate your transition to a more diverse workforce? Connect with Included to get data, insights, and DEI guidance to create a people-first culture.

Madeline Enos

Madeline Enos is a marketing leader and DEI advocate. She began her career in the nonprofit sector, then joined the tech space in 2015 at Gartner, the world's largest tech research & consulting firm. She now serves as Head of Marketing at Included.

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