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Answer your people questions in seconds

Included people analytics platform connects to all your sources of data and highlights the key intersecting people trends to take action on.

Included's Organizational Health scorecard

No more manual, excel sheet, or outdated BI tools. Get easy, real-time dashboards

Scorecards Real-time organizational health scorecards easy to share with stakeholders
Reports Easy drag-and-drop report building complete with narrative insights for exec and board reporting
Dashboards Customizable HR dashboards with DEI metrics embedded
Easy to Share Collaborate and share all dashboards, reports, and scorecards across the organization

Go beyond dashboards, unleash your superpowers

  • Research, drill through, and compare People Metrics
  • Know the journey of every demographic group, at every stage, across the entire employee lifecycle
  • AI-assisted Equity Gap detection at your fingertips
people analytics tools

Forecast your future workforce with AI

  • Know your attrition risk among top performers
  • Out-of-the-box playbooks to influence outcomes

End-to-end people analytics platform to help drive people strategy

Hiring top talent is crucial for a growing organization. Build your winning teams, get to top talent faster, and prioritize DEI as you scale your workforce.

Award-Winning People Analytics Platform

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