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Top 5 DEI Podcasts for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

15 Sep, 2022

by Keshelda Miller
Top 5 DEI Podcasts for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
At Included, we know how important it is for us to keep the conversations around diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI) moving.

After listening to many insightful DEI podcasts and launching our own podcast, we’ve put together this list of thought-provoking podcasts that discuss issues, topics, and ideas surrounding workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. Sharing insightful DEI tips, actionable DEI strategies, and a real look at diversity and inclusion in the workplace, these five DEI podcasts are a must listen for DEI leaders and advocates.

Top 5 Podcasts on Diversity and Inclusion: DEI Teachings at Your Fingertips


Inclusive AF

What do you get when you combine an HR strategist and a DEI strategist? The perfect duo to lead the tough conversations needed to eliminate bias and end systemic racism in the workplace.

Jackye Clayton and Katee Van Horn draw on their combined experience in recruiting and inclusion to help companies create equitable workplaces. In recent episodes, the duo joined interviewees in discussing inclusive marketing, equitable communication, and how the return to the office impacts marginalized groups.

Ready for authentic discussions on important issues and DEI tips to support underrepresented groups? Then you don’t want to miss the weekly episodes of Inclusive AF.

Real Talk Tuesdays – Living Corporate with Zach Nunn

Ready to look at the workplace from a Black & Brown perspective? Then you need to add the Real Talk Tuesdays podcast to your playlist.

Zachary Nunn — Living Corporate founder and host of Real Talk Tuesdays — uses his decade-long experience in HR and change management to provide data-driven insights that center the Black and Brown experience in the workplace. Each week, the hosts invite a range of guests including elected officials, executives, and authors to discuss Black and Brown experiences in the corporate world.

Real Talk Tuesdays covers topics that include allyship, the employee experience and equity at work, and DEI technology. In one of the most recent episodes, Senior Executive at Henry Schein, Seema Bhansali, discussed the intersection of employee experience and equity.

Diversity: Beyond The Checkbox

Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox is hosted by Jackie Ferguson, co-founder of The Diversity Movement. This weekly podcast explores DEI insights, perspectives, and tools with experts, practitioners, and educators. Recent episodes delved into inclusive language tips, how to make access to equity more equitable, and an evidence-based approach to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

The Diversity Movement’s Kurt Merriweather and Shelley Willingham also host Winning with Diversity, a podcast that looks at DEI from a business strategy lens and provides real-world strategies for implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Element of Inclusion

Hosted by global DEI leader Dr. Jonathan Ashong Lamptey, the Element of Inclusion is one of the longest-running podcasts that discusses issues surrounding diversity and inclusion. In each short episode, Dr Ashong-Lamptey informs and educates using applied research and thought leadership. He breaks down one topic at a time — including the barriers to inclusion, DEI training, and gender issues — and provides business and DEI leaders with practical insights in under 10 minutes.

As an advocate of practical, evidence-based change, he also airs a monthly book club episode where he reviews essential reading in the DEI space, and provides a global perspective of DEI using case studies and cutting edge research.

Join him each week to create a workplace where “everyone belongs and everyone performs”.

Other notable podcasts on diversity and inclusion include:

DEI – What’s Working?

Ready to move past definitions and diversity buzzwords? If you’re looking to create DEI initiatives that move the needle, this is the podcast for you. Laura Close, co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Included, hosts this monthly interview series. She shares her thought leadership on DEI and interviews other leaders in the DEI space.

In this debut episode, Laura interviews Lionel Lee, Director at Google and DEI recruiting expert. They discuss his powerful personal story, how he measures success, and what it takes to create serious inclusion at scale. In between podcasts, you can read more of Laura’s DEI insights on the Included blog.

Implement DEI Tips from Diversity and Inclusion Podcasts

Podcasts are an accessible way to increase your knowledge of current DEI trends. From insights into gender inequality in the workplace to strategies on building inclusive work environments, podcasts on diversity and inclusion provide you with actionable DEI tips and strategies. Listen, learn, share, and take action.

Looking to take the next step in DEI? Schedule a platform demo with our expert team today to find out how Included can help put your DEI goals into action, one step at a time.

Keshelda Miller

Keshelda Miller is a content writer, educator, and fan of the oxford comma. She is an instructor at University of St. Francis and has a Masters in Education.

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