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Chandan Golla: Why It’s Time for CDOs and DEI Program Leaders to Scale Diversity Programs with Better Data

1 May, 2021

by Chandan Golla
Chandan Golla: Why It’s Time for CDOs and DEI Program Leaders to Scale Diversity Programs with Better Data

The research is clear, for a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) program to actually deliver on its promise — it must set goals, collect data, and examine change over time.


I’m proud to be co-founding Included, enabling Chief Diversity Officers and DEI program leaders to scale their diversity programs with the technology and data they need to deliver inclusion experiences to every employee.


Sounds straightforward, yet CDOs and their peer DEI program leaders stand nearly alone in their lack of technology and ability to measure, test and improve.


Measure-test-improve is a familiar framework to technology and business leaders. It’s the continuous improvement cycle we rely on. In 2021 it’s natural to expect agile, iterative improvement cycles from our orgs across part of every company from sales to engineering, and DEI deserves the same capabilities we rely on in every other area of the business.


Co-founding Included is a personal passion and a timely one as well. Letting the employee experience go unmeasured puts diverse employees at the highest risk when it comes to disengagement and attrition and doubly so during disruptive events like Covid-19.


This is both a personal and professional calling for me, my wife leads engineering at a big corporation but I saw how fiercely she had to fight to gain traction in the workforce returning to work after caring for our children. I was proud of her then and I’m proud of her now. It didn’t have to be so hard, and enterprise still has a lot of room for growth in DEI candidate sourcing, interviewing, hiring, retention and growth.


Over my 20 year career as a people and product leader, I have enabled executives and business leaders to leverage data in managing their businesses efficiently and profitably.


I’ve helped companies obsess over a 360º view of a customer to drive growth and customer retention. So how can it be that companies are checking-in with one of their most valuable assets, their employees, just once or twice a year?


At Included we know to center the voices of the underrepresented employees – the “smaller numbers” count to us. The 3 black sales leaders in your global corporation. The 7 female engineers in your technical org. We’ve developed solutions for Chief Diversity Officers and DEI program leaders that allow you to care for every employee voice, each employee’s experience.


We not only enable DEI programs to retain and promote their diverse global workforce, but we know that when you build products which include the voices and experiences of those that most likely to get overlooked or even ignored, you deliver a powerful product experience that exceeds the expectations of all.


In my recent prior role as VP of Product at Integris it was my responsibility to build AI-powered, automated data products and platforms to enable enterprise data privacy programs. In other words, we enabled Chief Privacy Officers to successfully scale data governance and I have loved the challenge of delivering the same capabilities to Chief Diversity Officers.


If you are interested in learning more about the experiences our Early Adopter customers are having and bringing advanced product capabilities to scale your global DEI program, please reach out. I’d be happy to discuss our results and what opportunities there are to join our Early Adopter cohort.




Chandan Golla

Chandan Golla is co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Included. Previously Chandan was VP of Products at Integris software (now acquired by OneTrust) where he built AI-powered automated data discovery products and platforms to enable enterprise data privacy and data governance programs. Chandan has been featured on the podcasts RecruitingDaily and The Changing State of Talent Acquisition.

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