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Diversity Recruiting Metrics You Should Be Tracking

10 Jun, 2022

by Team Included
Diversity Recruiting Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Hiring a diverse team – and backing that team with a workplace ethos that values its diversity – is critical. Racially diverse companies enjoy 19% higher revenue than those with a more homogenous team. In order to get there, it’s important to look at the right metrics to track the efficacy of your company’s diversity hiring efforts, as well as whether those efforts are helping you reach your org’s stated values and goals.

Some DEI OKR’s for recruiting are:


What does your pool of candidates being contacted for a potential interview look like? And who is responding? If your outreach efforts are reaching a group that’s too homogenous, you might need to reconsider the sources you’re using to attract hires. For example, you might want to audit your job ads to make sure the language you’re using speaks to a broad range of candidates. It’s also a good idea to ask your current team members to refer candidates that meet your company’s diversity goals.


Ideally, much of the screening of your candidates will be accomplished with a good job description that includes not only the job requirements, but also a summary of your company culture and a description of the skills, background and experience you’d like to see in applicants, including a stated desire to hire a diverse team. To eliminate unwanted bias, you can use AI to blindly screen candidates’ resumes to make sure you’re hiring the most qualified applicant. You can also use AI to screen resumes for key markers of diverse backgrounds and even focus on certain indicators like women’s colleges or HBCUs.

Recruitment funnel

Once you’ve gauged who is being contacted and how, keep an eye on the number of candidates who meet your diversity requirements throughout the recruiting process. This includes:

  • Initial contact/application
  • Interviews
  • Offers made
  • Offers accepted

By looking at the percentage of candidates who fit into your DEI goals at each of these stages, you can identify areas in which your diversity hiring efforts might be falling short. For example, if you’re hitting your goals in initial contact and interviewing, but find that extended offers aren’t being accepted by your desired candidates, you might need to rethink what’s included in your hiring package.

If you want to hire – and retain – a diverse team, you’re also going to want to look at data that tracks how candidates perform once they’re on the job.

The post-hire DEI metrics you should consider include:


How often are your diverse hires being promoted throughout your org? And are they being identified for and moved into leadership positions?

Employee performance

How well is your hire fulfilling the duties of their role and completing their required tasks? Consider the quality, quantity and efficiency of their work.

Employee satisfaction

Check in with your team members regularly to gauge their satisfaction with the work environment and their own responsibilities. Find out how they view their own contributions to the org and whether they’re feeling successful and supported in their role. Some employees might require a more flexible schedule or remote work, which has historically not been widely offered to people of color.

Employee retention

While you can – and should – keep an eye on employee retention as an overall metric of how satisfied your team is, you might want to look at a specific marker, such as your one-year attrition rate. This measures the number of hires who stay on the job for a full year after being hired.

Remember, it’s not just future hires that you need to be concerned with when it comes to meeting DEI goals; your current workforce is already likely feeling the impacts of the diversity of your team. According to a 2022 workforce study by ADP Research Institute, 76% of employees would consider leaving their job if their company demonstrated an unfair gender pay gap or lacked a DEI policy. Grow your team of diverse talent and help support their workplace satisfaction by making sure your hiring process includes tracking these important metrics.

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