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DEI – What’s Working? Interview with Lionel Lee, Director at Google and Expert in DEI Recruiting

26 Oct, 2022

by Team Included
DEI – What’s Working? Interview with Lionel Lee, Director at Google and Expert in DEI Recruiting is proud to present the inaugural podcast episode of DEI – What’s working? hosted by Laura Close, Co-founder of Included. In this first episode, she interviews Lionel Lee, Director at Google and expert in DEI recruiting. He shares his powerful personal story, what is working in enterprise DEI, and what has moved the needle in his work at Google and beyond. Learn what motivates this DEI leader, how he measures success, and what Lionel believes is needed to create serious inclusion at scale.

Time Stamps:
7:37 Why Lionel Lee, Google’s Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Recruiting, works in DEI
18:50 What is DEI recruiting?
24:22 Diversity and inclusion jobs – the increase in interest in building a career in DEI
29:18 How AI & DEI are disrupting HR
38:31 Diversity recruiting and time to fill metric
46:18 The importance of black futurism
50:40 DEI software for people analytics, insights and guidance

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