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Worried About “The Great Resignation”? You Need a DEI Analytics Solution

31 Jan, 2022

by Laura Close
Worried About “The Great Resignation”? You Need a DEI Analytics Solution

DEI Analytics and Thriving Businesses

Looking to future-proof and hire a diverse workforce? DEI analytics and candidate segmentation is crucial for Talent Acquisition teams to stay competitive and strengthen their organization.

The business case for diverse workplaces is clear, the studies have been shown for some time that diverse workforces not only lead to higher employee retention but also draw from a range of perspectives that demonstrably bolsters team performance. A diverse range of people in your organization positions you to build relationships and connections with clients and customers from a broader segment of the population.

Diversity and inclusion are major factors in building your positive employer brand. In fact, studies show that 42% of workers would turn down a job offer from a company that lacked diversity or strategies to improve it. Companies that are known to value and promote diversity boast an increased “curb appeal” to potential applicants, and in the current recruiting market, no one can afford to leave such a major box unchecked. Today’s candidates are aware of the benefits of workplace diversity, evidenced in that DEI is one of the top aspects influencing offer acceptance.

If your organization is scrambling to fill roles, this is a perfect time to take a closer look at your hiring process. Future-focused Talent Acquisition leaders now leverage technology to foster inclusion and segment their candidate base to strengthen diversity hiring.

Potential hires are looking selectively for new careers at diverse, future-oriented companies. With the new technologies called DEI Tech using AI and machine learning to ensure that people data is treated with the same rigor as marketing or sales data, you can bring your DEI programs into the 21st century. We built Included to deliver just that.


Included: a Tech-Based DEI Solution

Included seamlessly integrates with your ATS – Applicant Tracking System, making the DEI story inside your candidate data visible. Our AI-powered platform enables your org to scale diverse hiring and retention by leveraging your DEI data and delivering DEI analytics with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Where other TA teams struggle to source diverse slates of candidates, Included customers know where their best sources are, and continuously understand the experience of diverse candidates in the hiring pipeline. Leaders get automated nudges from our dashboard so they can calibrate and optimize yield in real-time.

Included uses AI to organize and unify your DEI data, help you set diversity hiring strategy, and track your progress, all on a customizable dashboard. Not only does Included process DEI data 99% faster, our customers see a 1.5x increase in diverse candidates hired.


Data-Forward DEI is the Future

America’s workforce is becoming more diverse than ever, along lines of gender, culture, ethnicity, religion, and sexual preference. The labor pool is also getting more educated and older, with more people working well-past retirement age. With changing demographics come changing needs and awareness.

Candidates and employees are no longer willing to settle for a good-enough job or a good-enough company. They want to build their future where they know they’ll be valued for their whole selves and the breadth of their experiences. The Great Resignation, or Renegotiation, for those ready to utilize emerging technologies and data-driven thinking, is a golden opportunity to draw the top minds to your company.

To dinosaurs, this all can look like a meteor. But for those willing to adapt and pivot to new strategies and the tools to support them this is not a crisis. It’s an opportunity to evolve the ways we support and retain a workforce.

If you’d like to learn more about how Included is leveraging DEI data to drive diverse recruitment, hiring, and retention, schedule a demo today.

Laura Close

Laura Close is co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at She brings twenty years of experience in the DEI space, originating as a political campaigns & policy expert in racial, gender, and economic justice in the late 90s. Laura has spent her career locking in new structural opportunities and institutional access for historically excluded or underrepresented communities. Previously she built an award-winning global executive coaching firm with a client base spanning FAANG and unicorn startups. Her insights have been featured in MarketWatch, the Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM), and she was named an HR tech influencer to follow in 2022.

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