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Announcing the Launch of Included Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) People Analytics Platform, Moving the Needle for Better Workplaces

11 Nov, 2021

by Raghu Gollamudi
Announcing the Launch of Included Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) People Analytics Platform, Moving the Needle for Better Workplaces

I’ll get right to the point: legacy HR Tech cannot fulfill the demand for DEI data-based solutions. To solve the DEI tech gap, we at Included have raised $1.9M in pre-seed funding from FlyingFish, SignalFire, and Ascend. We’re mission driven to deliver instant access to actionable data and insights on diversity. Our AI-powered platform unlocks data driven DEI strategy for the entire employee lifecycle so our customers can hire, retain and promote a diverse and competitive workforce.

After One Trust acquired my last company Integris, where I had been co-founder and CTO, I became curious about the rapid hiring of Chief Diversity Officers across industries. I had seen this same pattern play out in the privacy sector during my time at Integris –Chief Privacy Officers hired with no technology to enable them to meet their goals. As a CTO myself, I wondered — where was the data on diversity? Where was the ability to detect and resolve issues? I learned that companies just don’t have the tools and data they need to build great, diversity-centric people strategies.

Now in a post-pandemic world, I am hearing CEOs, CHROs, TA leaders, and DEI leaders across the nation asking themselves this very same question: Where is the data on diversity? How do I reach my goals?

At Included we are mission driven to create better workplaces globally. We know that DEI isn’t a tax, PR issue, or feel-good checkbox–but an opportunity to build better and more people-first businesses everywhere.

Our Chief Product Officer and one of my co-founders Chandan Golla likes to tell the story of how our first customers were amazed when we surfaced significant demographic trends in their people data that even their executives did not know about, because that’s our priority –delivering actionable data on DEI for the entire employee life cycle.


Attracting and retaining diverse talent, as well as minimizing attrition is made possible with complete data visibility. This means understanding the diversity story of your candidates and employees. With our actionable insights and DEI operations guidance customers easily create equitable and inclusive people and talent strategies for every stage of the employee life cycle… Here’s a breakdown of our story and where we are headed.


Pioneering the DEI Tech Market

Our rapid customer acquisition of 5 unicorn startup tech companies signed in the past 5 months demonstrates the appetite for our solution.

Mary Miller, VP of People at Amperity told us she is so confident they made the right decision choosing Included.

“The data driven, metrics-first approach to DEI goal setting and measurement perfectly match our commitment to DEI progress,” said Miller.

Our customers never miss an opportunity to measure and improve their ability to attract and retain a diverse workforce with customized DEI dashboards, insights, and easy to apply DEI ops capabilities, all powered by AI.


Benefits of Diversity Metrics

Our Chief Business Development Officer and one of my Co-Founders Laura Close has spent twenty years immersed in the DEI space. She regularly hears from CHROs how HR technology and data collection methods were designed at a time and place when it was considered unimportant to tell the diversity story of our candidates and workforces.

The world has changed and now the demand for these insights is high, and we couldn’t be more encouraged by that.

We are very proud of the fact that with Included, companies can experience 99% faster DEI reporting. This means that hours of data prep and analysis are eliminated, saving your team time.

Companies that use Included being with our recruitment solution, they are seeing a 19% increase in diverse candidates at the top of the funnel. This is because Included allows you to optimize your sourcing spend by underrepresented minorities without increasing costs, which is leading to an approximately 1.5x increase in conversion of diverse candidates at the offer stage.

The feedback we’ve received from our early adopter customers has been incredibly encouraging. It motivates us to keep moving forward in our quest to not only help organizations create job opportunities, but to fill those roles and keep their quality talent from walking out the door after they’ve invested time and money into training them.

The Included platform is available for demos and experiences now, we’d love to show you what we’ve built.. For more information on Included, visit

About Included

Included gives companies the information they need to create data-driven hiring, promotion and retention strategies that drive progress on diversity, equity and inclusion. Founded by data privacy and DEI experts and using the latest AI technology, Included is able to identify specific areas where businesses can take further action to remove any potential roadblock from accomplishing their strategic goals. This is the first technology of it’s kind to analyze millions of scenarios across intersectional people demographics, per stage of the employee lifecycle, by department, professional level, geographic location, against DEI operational practices, equity in longevity, pay, promotion and much more within each company’s own people data set and instantly deliver clear reporting and steps for action. To learn more about Included, visit

Raghu Gollamudi

Raghu Gollamudi is the co-founder and CEO of Included. Previously he was co-founder/CTO at Shippable and Integris (acquired by OneTrust). Raghu has been recognized as "Startup CEO of the Year" by Geekwire and Untapped’s Top DEIB Leader "Walk The Walk” Award. His writing on DEI Tech has appeared in Forbes and Fast Company.

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